Benefits Of Joining the Marines

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Benefits of Joining the Marines

By joining the marines, you are going to learn teamwork and self-discipline. The values of the marines are going to become an essential part of your existence. In addition to being provided with many career choices and training opportunities, joining the marines provides the following benefits.

1. Great pay

Marines are usually paid two times each month and the salary is steady provided you do not get into trouble, which leads to pay deductions. The minimum salary you are going to receive is known as base pay. Nevertheless, marines are entitled to extra pay if they meet certain criteria. There is an allowance provided for moving, sustenance, temporary housing as well as uniform allowance. Moreover, marines do not pay any taxes on the extra money they receive. As you join the marines, you are provided an enrollment bonus.

2. Training opportunities

Once you join the marines, you will start basic training and your training does not end there. This is because you are also going to get schooling and training for whichever career you select from over 250 jobs. You will get to train with expert individuals in your career field and get some invaluable experience. An additional benefit is that marines do not even have to pay for tuition as it is also provided to them for free.

3. Health coverage

Medical as well as dental coverage is offered to all marine members. Members of the marines also have the option of buying life coverage at discounted rates. Life, dental and medical coverage are also provided for your dependents and spouse.

4. Extensive holidays

Once you report to the basic training, then you will start accumulating paid holiday days. Marines get 30 days of paid holiday every year.

Nevertheless, joining the marines puts you at risk of serious injuries or death if you are positioned in war prone parts of the world.

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