Benefits of hegemonic stability theory

HST or Hegemonic Stability Theory is a theory that deals with international relations. According to this theory Hegemonic Stability indicates that the relationship in our international systems is likely to remain more stable when hegemon or a single nation dominates the world power. Rooted in researches from the field of economics, political science and history … Read more

Benefits of war

Although it is not often expressed explicitly, there is a credence that the institution of war (even though it may not be an actual war), is considered somewhat vital to modern economics. According to this belief, the global frameworks of industrial economics are intimately connected with the research and production of military technology. Because of … Read more

The Overlooked Benefits of Absolutism in Any Country that people don’t know about

The Overlooked Benefits of Absolutism in Any Country that people don’t know about The term absolutism as the word suggests is a type of government in any country where a single person for instance a king or queen has absolute power over the citizens. He or she can rule the land using his or her … Read more

Benefits Of Members of Congress

Benefits of Members of Congress Members of Congress have lots of responsibility in how the American government functions. As such, these representatives and senators are provided certain privileges and benefits. These are very many and range from health care and compensation to extensive protection. More are listed here. 1. Health care Similar to other government … Read more

Benefits Of Green Card

Benefits of Green Card The green card is a document given to non-residents in America signifying permanent residence. The application process for this particular document is unobtrusive and easy, but the advantages are vast. Actually, winning a green card ensures that your whole family can come work and live in America. More green card benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Federal Bureaucracy

Benefits of Federal Bureaucracy The federal bureaucracy is a large organization where highly specialized people are arranged in a well-defined hierarchy of offices, with each one having a specific goal or mission. In a bureaucracy, there is a chain of command where every individual has one supervisor as well as some formal rules for guiding … Read more

Benefits Of Amnesty

Benefits of Amnesty Amnesty refers to the action of a government through which pardon is approved for a huge group of people. An example of amnesty is the immigration amnesty that benefits the economy and the country in general. Such kind of amnesty helps to prevent identity fraud and provides the government a better estimate … Read more

Benefits Of Political Parties

Benefits of Political Parties Political parties are vital to a country’s development as they assist in defining the positions and beliefs of potential voters on key issues. In reality, political parties have the similar duties in the field of politics like sects or denominations have in religion. Discover what benefits political parties provide from the … Read more

Benefits Of Bilingualism

Benefits of Bilingualism Bilingualism means having the capability of communicating fluently in two main languages. In Canada, bilingualism refers to the constitutional provisions, laws and policies that give French and English a legal status over the other languages in administration, courts and parliament. Being bilingual does have its benefits as illustrated further down. 1. Improves … Read more

Benefits Of Immigrants

Benefits of Immigrants The United Kingdom and the US currently have the highest number of immigrants. This has led to heightened fears about terrorisms and the impact of immigration has created a heated debated whether or not to curb immigration. While others state that illegal immigrants pose security threats, statistics show that they do provide … Read more

Benefits Of Navy Reserve

Benefits of Navy Reserve Serving in the Navy Reserve is an excellent method of learning new skills, pushing your limits and being a key component of your nation’s security and safety. You will meet new people who may end up becoming friends for a lifetime. Learn some of the benefits of Navy Reserve from this … Read more

Benefits Of Immigrant Workers

Benefits of Immigrant Workers Statistics show that approximately more than 500,000 people migrate to foreign countries every year. The United States and the United Kingdom have reported an influx of immigrants and this trend is expected to continue as more people migrate in search of better job opportunities. There are plenty of benefits that immigrant … Read more

Benefits Of Abolishing the Death Penalty

Benefits of Abolishing the Death Penalty Capital punishment or death penalty is used for punishing various crimes and some believe that it is the best option for crimes like murder and kidnapping. Many people are against the death penalty, with most of them calling for the abolition of this ruling. By abolishing the death penalty, … Read more

Benefits Of Fascism

Benefits of Fascism Fascism is a type of governance where the government controls politics, social behavior and economy. Under fascism political system, the individual rights of the people are greatly minimized, with the nation being glorified. Citizens are supposed to only work for the government and it is a system that promotes dictatorship. Below are … Read more

Benefits Of Peace Corps

Benefits of Peace Corps Peace Corps refers to an organization that is mainly backed by the American government and it sends young individuals to developing nations where they work like volunteers. It is basically an independent volunteering agency that offers aid to developing nations when needed. Joining the Peace Corps is highly respected and it … Read more

Benefits Of Illegal Immigration in the United States

Benefits of Illegal Immigration in the United States Illegal immigration has become a hot topic of discussion on both the local and political scene. Some claim that illegal settlers who are living in the United States work harder and are loyal than the citizens. On the other hand, detractors believe that illegal immigrants irreparably harm … Read more

Benefits Of Peace Corps

Benefits of Peace Corps Peace Corps refers to an organization that is mainly backed by the American government and it sends young individuals to developing nations where they work like volunteers. It is basically an independent volunteering agency that offers aid to developing nations when needed. Joining the Peace Corps is highly respected and it … Read more

Benefits Of Socialism

Benefits of Socialism Socialism is a political scheme that advocates for government ownership and management of industry. Many benefits can be derived from using a socialist system of governance. Further down are a couple of benefits of socialism. 1. Better salaries Under capitalism, employees only get a small amount of the total wealth they produce … Read more

Benefits Of Two Party System

Benefits of Two Party System Two party system is a political system where only two parties dominate during voting in all elections in each government level. There are many benefits that can be achieved through using the two party system and some of them are as follows. 1. Encourages political stability Most historians believe that … Read more

Benefits Of Official Language

Benefits of Official Language The official language is the language that is used to carry out official business in a country. The most common official language is English. Further down are benefits of making use of an official language. 1. Promotes literacy Having an official language means that every person should be capable of speaking … Read more

Benefits Of Joining the Marines

Benefits of Joining the Marines By joining the marines, you are going to learn teamwork and self-discipline. The values of the marines are going to become an essential part of your existence. In addition to being provided with many career choices and training opportunities, joining the marines provides the following benefits. 1. Great pay Marines … Read more

Benefits Of the Army

Benefits of the Army There are quite a number of benefits of enlisting in the army. Most of these benefits are vast and unheard of when compared to other civilian careers. Further down are key benefits of the army. 1. Education Due to the great education benefits received upon joining the army, it is no … Read more

Benefits Of Monarchy

Benefits of Monarchy Monarchy is a form of government where authority is placed on single individual and it is usually hereditary. This type of governance has been in place for a very long time and it was established during times of internal crisis or external threat since it provided more effective focus of power. Further … Read more

Benefits Of NRI

Benefits of NRI NRI stands for a Non-Resident Indian, which means an Indian Citizen staying abroad under certain circumstances. Examples of NRIs include people posted in the U.N, officials sent abroad by the government and also people undertaking temporary assignments abroad. 1. Bank accounts The NRI banking sector is very vibrant, particularly because the Indian … Read more

Benefits of Labor Unions

Benefits of Labor Unions Labor laws were initially ratified to equalize the bargaining power and the relationship between employees and their employers. On the other hand, they encouraged employees to strike for better working conditions and also put in place the rules for firing and hiring. The agreements endorsed by such unions were mandatory on … Read more

Benefits Of Iraq War

Benefits of Iraq War The Iraq war is considered as one of the most disastrous policy in America’s history, and citizens looked with disbelief as great politicians got out of hand. The primary arguments that surround the real motivation include the rebuilding effort, and obviously the immense benefits the war would bring to US business … Read more

Benefits Of Economic Sanctions

Benefits of Economic Sanctions Economic sanctions are usually imposed by a particular country against another for cutting off business and trade relations like export and import of items as well as financial loans. These sanctions also represent an effective foreign policy method which is set up when a country differs with another nation’s mode of … Read more

Benefits Of EU Membership

Benefits Of EU Membership Twenty seven member states of Europe together constitute The European Union more popularly known as EU. This economic and political union of member states principally located in the continent of Europe was formulated after the end of Second World War. This international organization intended to cut trade barriers; increase regional integration … Read more

Benefits of Electoral College

Benefits of Electoral College The mechanism through which a President in the United States is elected is referred to as the Electoral College. Even though the Electoral College is very controversial, it was actually chosen by the founding fathers of the United States as a compromise for choosing the American President. There are various benefits … Read more

Benefits Of European Union

Benefits Of European Union The European Union or EU is a political and economic union of twenty-seven member states that are primarily located in Europe. This international organization constituting of European countries was formed after the Second World War. The organization aimed at reducing trade barriers; enhance cooperation and regional integration among its members. Many … Read more

Benefits of Internationalism

Benefits of Internationalism First, we had the industrial revolution, and now we have the internationalism revolution. Industrial development and trade have always been characterized by the need to keep costs low and profit margins high, this in turn has led to various developments. Today, businesses look forward to solutions that improve their profits not only … Read more

Benefits of Democracy

Benefits of democracy Democracy is actually derived from the Greek language and means as much as power to the people. Democracy is actually a political government form where either people govern themselves in a structure of direct democracy, or there are elected representatives of the people who form the government in a representative democracy. Just … Read more

The Benefits of Immigration


Immigration is a controversial topic that has been at the forefront of political debates worldwide. Some individuals believe that immigration has a negative impact on a country, while others believe that it is a vital part of society. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of immigration and how it has positively impacted countries … Read more

Surprising Benefits of Communism


Communism is a political thought that suffer from large-scale public condemnation. Although countries like North Korea, Cuba and China still continue to practice communism in its modified forms, it has been widely-accepted all over the world that state controlled economy is a downright failure. It is often associated with controversial figures such as Karl Marx, … Read more