Benefits Of Illegal Drugs

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Benefits of Illegal Drugs

There has been a heated debate on whether to legalize drugs or not. Illegal drugs clearly promote organized crime since it generates revenue like drug production, distribution and trafficking. Legalizing drugs greatly help to reduce crime, especially now that they have become part of our society.

1. Address the existing issues

For many years, governments have used drug ban as a scapegoat to avoid the exiting economic and social factors that cause drug addiction. Drug uses is primarily used for recreational purposes in most cases. However, despair and poverty play a role in drug abuse and addressing these causes is the only way to reduce drug abuse. Moreover, legalizing drugs results in reduced crime.

2. Eradicates crime

Legalizing illegal drugs would control the market, set lower price to help reduce the need to raise money through crime. This not only helps to free up the legal system, but also dramatically reduce prison population, saving billions. Due to low price, there is no need to steal to get drugs.

3. Majority

According to recent research, drug abuse is common among teenagers between the ages of 15-16. More than one million individuals use soft drugs such as ecstasy, which is considered as normal amongst teenagers. Legalizing drugs in way help reduce addiction, since prohibition seems ineffective.

4. Prevents stigmatization

Prohibition often results to the marginalization and stigmatization of drug addicts. Countries that encourage ultra-prohibitionist laws have increased rates of HIV infection, especially amongst injecting users. Therefore, legalizing drugs might help to prevent stigmatization among drug users.

5. Prohibition laws are ineffective

Research suggests that prohibition lacks the power to eradicate drug abuse. Therefore, it is important to find another policy.

Drug abuse can affect your mental and physical well-being, leading to respiratory diseases, and may result to death in the long run. Therefore, it is important to come up with alternative policies to curb drug abuse.

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