Benefits of Joining Air Force

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air-forceBenefits of Joining Air Force

Air Force has always been considered as a more superior service compared to the Army and the Navy. Although, not meant to denigrate the other services, there is some truth in it. To really understand why people often prefer the Air Force, let’s take a look at the various benefits joining Air Force.

1.Best quality of life:

One of the greatest attractions of joining the Air Force is the better quality of life that it offers. The members are provided better stations, better facilities, and above all lesser deployments as compared to the other forces. This means that they have better and more time to attend college or engage in other activities. Further, education is something that the Air Force lays great emphasis on. Therefore, the better qualified you are or the more you utilize your time to get qualified, the better opportunities you will have in this service.

2.Lesser deployment:

The Air Force has comparatively lesser deployments as compared to the Army and Navy. It is not often that this service engages in combat. The Air Force has no specific mission of its own and is often used to enhance or support ground combat. Therefore, your chances of coming under the line of fire are very less.

3.Working with the best:

The Air Force is selective about the people it recruits. The Air Force’s minimum scores for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test are higher compared to the other services. Air Force requires a minimum ASVAB score of 36, whereas the other services require a minimum of 31. Therefore, this higher benchmark during recruitment ensures that your co-workers are the best. This simply means your working environment is of a higher standard.

4.More career options:

At the time of recruitment, the Air Force tests your skills and aptitude in several areas such as administration, mechanical, electrical, etc. The better your score or skills, the more your career options within the Air Force. Further, the Air Force in itself lays a lot of emphasis on education. The training provided by this service ensures that you obtain an associate degree in your area of study at the end of the training. This will surely benefit a lot in engaging in a career long after you retire from this service. Further, the work experience that you gain within the service will also stand you in good stead when you want to pursue a career outside the Air Force.

5.Furthers your education:

The qualifications and education that you should attain in order to be a part of the Air Force will definitely add to your education. Therefore, your time in the Air Force would be well-spent, as the day you leave the service; you would be well-qualified and experienced to pursue a career of your choice.
6.Financial benefits:

In addition to the pride of serving in one of the best services, the Air Force also provides better pay and perks to its members. In addition to your basic pay, you will also have allowances such as housing, food, regular maintenance, Ration in Kind meal accounts, comprehensive medical and dental care, etc. The allowances and perks are based on your rank and experience and increase with your years and position in the service. Further there are also tax, insurance, and retirement benefits. In fact, the Air Force provides one of the early retirement plans, where you are eligible to retire after 20 years of service.

Thus, the Air Force is one service that takes care of all the needs of its members so that they don’t have to worry about anything. In addition to giving you the pride of having served your country, it also gives you a good education and work experience that will serve you good when you retire the service and decide to pursue a career of your own. They offer some of the best benefits, but the greatest benefit of all, is the awareness that you served with some of the best men and was part of the country’s best armed service.

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