Benefits Of Being bilingual

bilingual_bookBenefits Of Being bilingual

There are numerous languages that are spoken all through the world. Each individual has the natural ability to understand and learn the language that is spoken around him and so every person knows and speaks at least one language. Today, several universities andÂ’ institutionsÂ’ are offering foreign language courses all through the world. Being bilingual offers the learner a greater understanding to different language, and flexibility in thinking. It not only improves the understanding of the native language but also makes other cultures easily accessible. The many benefits of being bilingual are:

1.Cognitive benefits of being bilingual.
Bilingual people have specific advantages as compared to mono lingual. They can express each object and idea in two different groups of words. Bilinguals think creatively and also have the ability to think flexibly. The bilinguals are more sensitive to the listeners’ needs as compared to the monolingual people. Knowledge of two languages has an encouraging effect on the intellectual growth of the person.

2.Curriculum benefits to bilinguals
People who have the knowledge of two or more languages show better curriculum results. Studies have shown that bilinguals show a superior performance in tests and examinations. This is because learning of two languages helps in their mental growth. Intelligence quotient of such people is found to be higher as compared to monolinguals.

3.Improves communication.
The bilinguals enjoy the ability of reading and writing in more than one language. They can thus identify with and appreciate the literatures in various languages all around the world. This helps them to improve their ways of thinking and overall personal behavior. Knowledge of more than one language improves communication when they are in an alien country, but have knowledge of their language.

4.Provides exposure to different cultures.
Bilingualism provides access and exposure to various cultures all over the world. They can enjoy the treasure of idioms, history music, folk stories, literature and poetry in various cultures. Due to this wide cultural experience, bilinguals have a greater tolerance to the differences in customs and creeds.

5.Employment benefits.
People who are bilingual are at an advantageous position when it comes to potential employment opportunities. Being bilingual offers a wide range of choice in jobs related to various fields. They are always preferred over monolinguals in jobs related to retail sector, tourism, transport, secretarial work, administration, public relations, sales and marketing, banking and accountancy, translation, and teaching.

So the next time you feel bored of your monotonous jobs or have a couple of hours off from studies don’t waste them in futile entertainment. Instead learn a new language that will help you improve your skills and place you high both as a person and a professional.

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