Benefits of Going to College

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graduate-hatBenefits of Going to College

It is a well-known and well-accepted fact – college education is costly, time-consuming, and demanding. Yet, in recent times, more youngsters are keen to get a college education. Wonder why? To know why college education is growing in demand, let’s look at the benefits of going to college.

1.Better career options:

One of the biggest and most important reasons for anyone to attend college is the upper hand it gives with regards to jobs and career. A college graduate has a higher chance of landing a job when compared to an individual with a high school qualification. Further, a college graduate also has better options and opportunities to progress in their career.

2.Better monetary benefits:

It is believed that a college graduate earns approximately one million dollars more as compared to a high school diploma. Graduates are paid better salaries for the same jobs as compared to lesser educated individuals. Therefore, don’t worry about the dollars you spend on college education. Once you have completed the course, you will earn back more than what you have spent. This is also believed to be one of the major motivational factors that ensure people complete their college education.

3.Insures against unemployment:

Graduates are believed to have better and more job opportunities as compared to diploma holders. In the growing economy it is diploma holders and lesser educated individuals who are losing their jobs and their market. Even during phases of no work or less work opportunities, college graduates survive better in the job market. Their graduate degree holds them in good stead by providing job opportunities as per their skills. Thus a college education provides job security and insures individuals against unemployment.

4.Increases marketability:

A college education definitely increases your marketability in the job market. It is an added bonus that gives you preference as compared to diploma holders or lesser qualified individuals. It not only increases your chances of landing a job but also increases your chances of being paid better for the same job.

5.Better standards of living:

Studies have shown that college education not only gives you a better job, but also healthier living. A college graduate is believed to have better health, exercise better, and smoke lesser. Call it the advantages of a college education or a rub-off of being in a better social set-up because of improved income and better job environment. Whatever the reasons, a college education definitely leads to better standards of living.

6.Better social networking:

College education is believed to lead to better social networking. Generally, college is not only a time when we study hard but also enjoy as much. Most of us never forget our college days or the fun we had with friends. In fact, some of our best buddies are those that we met in college. College is a time when we connect with several people because of our need to improve communication skills, because of the extra-curricular activities, and because of our need to establish contacts to pursue our dream careers. All this leads to a large network of friends and acquaintances that really help us when we get into the real world to search for a job and establish a career.

7.Improves your skills:

Last but not the least; a college education not only improves your job skills but also your life skills. In addition to gaining more knowledge on a subject of your choice, the college environment provides opportunities for you to develop your communication skills, social interaction skills, analytical skills, and reasoning skills. These definitely go a long way in helping you establish and maintain social relationships when you go out into the real world.

Thus, going to college has several life-long benefits. If you have been thinking about joining a college, then these benefits should definitely help you make a decision and go ahead with your education plans. Probably, they can also help you convince your family in supporting your college education. Good Luck!

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