Benefits Of Human Cloning

Benefits of Human Cloning

Human cloning is the scientific process of creation of identical person that share the same hereditary. This subject has truly become a hotly debated issue within the past few years. Proponents argue that human cloning has an array of benefits in the cosmetic industry. Opponents, on the other hand say that human cloning is playing God as it trivializes our existence. Listed below are the pros and cons of human cloning.

1. Regenerative treatments
Stem cells are vital as they dictate our genetic information, which has the ability to regenerating to any body tissue. For example, if you have a disability doctors can extract stem cells to replace the missing organs or body parts. However, your embryo is shattered in the procedure.

2. Healing benefits
Human cloning or therapeutic cloning reduces the likelihood of your immune system malfunctioning by rejecting new treatments. In most cases, doctors insert your genetic information into the donor’s egg, and artificial electric current is used to combine your DNA and the egg, thereby facilitating cellular division.

3. Cloning a dead parent
Cloning a family member that died may have therapeutic significance for a grief-stricken family. What if you can replica your deceased child? Cloning a departed family member may help to reduce grief as it gives the family hope. Additionally, the clone may have a form of psychological ability.

4. Treats infertility
Today, fertility rates are very low in most countries. Furthermore, couples have to undergo through expensive procedures with the hopes of having a child. With human cloning, unfertile couples may have a chance of having their own child.

5. Cancer treatment
Scientists suggest that human cloning may be the only cure for cancer, kidney failure, genetic diseases, leukemia and liver failure.
Human cloning has its share of downsides as well. For instance, inbreeding can lead to human extinction.

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