Benefits Of Cloning

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cloning_bookBenefits Of Cloning

The beginning of cloning has been a recent affair when Dolly- the sheep was obtained as a result of years of research, study and experimentation. It was in the year 1996, that cloning became a buzzword, among people and especially in the scientific circles. Cloning has generated many types of controversies and objections from religious organizations. Keeping the ethical implications aside, there are numerous benefits of cloning which include:

1.Beneficial to patients of many diseases.
Cloning results in the manipulation of cells to mimic other kinds of cells. This will help provide new methods for the treatment of various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Cloning offers a new ray of hope to people who require organ transplants. Often people who require organ transplants have to wait for years to get a suitable donor. Many a times these patients even die waiting, as they find no suitable donor. Cloning can possibly eliminate this by creating additional animals that can be used as suitable donors. Livers of pigs have been transplanted successfully to human beings, as a temporary measure in people waiting for a human liver.

2.Helps to deal with organ Failure
With new advancements, organ tissues might be cloned and introduced into human body to replace and repair malfunctioning organs. These tissues are easily accepted by the body as they are cloned form the tissues and cells of the same individuals.

3.Acts as aid to infertile couples
Cloning offers infertile couples to take a chance to get children of their own.

4.Deal with ageing.
Cloning of skin cells will help to replace skin that is damaged due to burns and other traumas. According to the scientists cloning might help in reversing the aging process. Implants, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeries would surely become less dangerous by making use of replicated cells rather than using foreign tissues.

5.Helps to protecting endangered species
Despite the application of numerous measures, conservation of animal species all through the world has been an unsuccessful task and many species are quite close to their extinction. Successful cloning of sheep-Dolly has been the primary step in preserving endangered wildlife.

6.Cloning can help improve food supply
Cloning can prove to be a means of cultivating new plants that are stronger and have resistance to many diseases, while producing more yields. Similarly, good number of livestock can be produced, and in such a way that they don’t have any diseases of the foot and the mouth. Cloning can successfully and effectively solve the food problem of the world, thus minimizing the problem of starvation.

If social and religious organizations stop interfering with the concept of cloning, the benefits of this wonderful technique will be able to reach millions of people all over the world.

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