Benefits Of Umbilical Chord Stem Cells

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Benefits of Umbilical Chord Stem Cells

Cord blood remains in your child’s placenta after the umbilical cord has been detached from the newborn baby. Parents may choose to retain the blood since it contains blood stem cells, which are believed to help treat various types of diseases as well as the replacement of stem cells in patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. Read further and learn the many uses of stem cells.

1. Treats diseases

Umbilical cord stem cells are used by doctors to treat diseases in the newborn born baby, as well as family members. There is likelihood that someone in your family may require stem cells transplant in future, according to recent studies.

2. Simplicity

Once the umbilical cord blood has been certified to be healthy for donation, the procedure is harmless and safe for both baby and mother as it is often disposed after birth. On the other hand, bone marrow transplant may have its own set of complication since one has to undergo through invasive surgical procedure.

3. Easy access

Patients that require stem cells for immediate treatment may have to wait because the register that helps to locate correct matches often take longer. Finding the perfect match can even take up to three week, while an umbilical blood cord register can have the stem cells available when needed.

4. Faster treatment

Studies show that only few people are registered to donate bone marrow. This means that some people might find it difficult to find the correct bone marrow match. On the other hand, umbilical cord stem cells are easily accessible, thereby ensure faster treatment.

5. Lowers risk of graft disease

Another advantage of stem cells is that they are less vulnerable to graft disease. GVHD can lead to serious health complications.

Despite the fact that umbilical cord stem cells are easy to grow, they require more work than embryonic stem cells.

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