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Hulu plus

Hulu is an online American company which provides ad-supported online video services that includes clips, movies, selection of TV shows and more online entertainments, available on services and also on Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus subscribers can see movies and video episodes from channels like Fox, ABC, NBC and also the CW once the shows are uploaded on air for smartphones, internet connected TVs, game consoles, set top boxes and others.

Presently Hulu and Hulu Plus videos are offered to users who are within the USA and its overseas territories. For people who lives in other regions across the world, Hulu and Hulu Plus offers its contents to them over Flash Video formats. As of date, other regions across the globe other than those that has been listed above (US and its adjacent overseas territories) are blocked by their IP address, for those who lives outside US-Hulu territories.

Hulu also offers web syndication services for other websites which includes Facebook, AOL, Myspace, MSN, Comcast’s Xfinity TV and Yahoo!

Some of the most prominent advantages of availing Hulu and Hulu Plus services in the US are:

You can watch Hulu Plus on your iOS4

It is really exciting to know that you can watch Hulu Plus as much as you like on iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices that runs on iOS4.

More free episodes to watch in Hulu Plus

One Touch Intelligence, is a research firm which recently analyzed both the Hulu and Hulu Plus catalogues and found that 88% of the standard free Hulu episodes are also found in Hulu Plus. If we add video clips, this percentage goes up to 98%, which is more than 29,000 episodes.

Does not require any special software

For watching video episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus one does not need to download any special software. Per say, the users who wants to see Hulu Plus in their computers just need to install Flash and an internet connection to view the Hulu Plus contents in their laptops.

Freedom to share videos

Hulu Plus and Hulu allows the users to share clips via emails or share full length videos by embedding them on other blogs, websites and social networking sites, which is really a great advantage of using Hulu. If needed full length videos on Hulu Plus can also be emailed for convenience.

Select portions of videos for sharing

The Hulu Plus clipping is an additional feature which is a also a remarkable advantage for the Hulu users, as through this add on feature, the users can select portion of their videos that they would like to share and post them on the networking sites on the internet.

Helps in advertising

By availing Hulu Plus subscription services advertisers now can reach out to millions of Hulu Plus enabled devices on the US market. Ever since the launch of Hulu since 2008 and Hulu Plus in 2010 there are more than 1000 companies those that have leveraged their advertisement campaigns with the aid of Hulu services.

For the curious minds it can be mentioned that the name Hulu has two meanings in the Chinese Mandarin language, where Hulu means both “interactive recording’ and “bottle gourd’. The name Hulu was possibly selected by Jason Kilar who was the CEO of the company in the year 2007.

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