Benefits Of Mixed Methods Research

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Benefits of Mixed Methods Research

The mixed methods research is a kind of research that combines both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. This kind of research involves using multiple concepts, methods to answer research questions instead of limiting researcher’s to a particular research method.

1. More comprehensive

Professional researches are well known for using exclusivity when using either qualitative ore quantitative methods, according to some studies. Nevertheless, an important feature of the mixed methods research is the fact it reduces the weaknesses while drawing from the strong points of an entirely quantitative or qualitative research methodology. The mixed methods research is therefore more comprehensive.

2. Better accuracy

The use of several approaches in mixed methods research assists in ensuring that the results are even more accurate. The mixed research works through complementing the results gotten from one kind of research together with any other research method. As a result, mixed methods research rarely misses accessible data.

3. Saves time

Bothe the qualitative as well as quantitative data are collected simultaneously and this can have significant time and cost savings benefits. There are many various designs accessible in the mixed methods research that a researcher can make use of to save the most time. Nevertheless, the design chosen by a researcher mainly depends on the objective of the study. In addition, researchers require being clear in identifying the dominant approach within the mixed methods research for more effectiveness.

4. Technology benefits

Advancements in the field of technology make carrying out mixed methods research more simple. There are various computer programs that can be utilized to assist analyze both quantitative data and also qualitative data. This enables the examiner to undertake a truly cohesive data analysis, thereby attaining a high data accuracy that was not accessible previously.

The demerit of mixed methods research is that it is only useful for long term and extensive studies.

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