Benefits of Honeydew


Honeydew belongs to the cultivar group of the muskmelon which includes mixed melons like crenshaw, persian, winter and casaba melons.

Honeydew melon has a slightly oval or even sometimes round shape that are typically in between 15 to 22 cm long. Honeydew melons weighs in between 4 to 7.9 lb. and are in general pale green in color. Its smooth peels are often colored from greenish to yellow and this fruit contains seeds.

The juicy and thick sweet flesh of Honeydew which can be found in all supermarkets across the globe are often eaten for dessert.

This fruit is best cultivated in semiarid climates and are harvested upon its maturity indiscriminate of its size.

Honeydew which is the American name for White Antibes Cultivar are a nutritional addition to our regular diet as this fruit contains several vitamins and minerals that are useful for the wellbeing of our body. This fruit is a rich source of mineral like potassium and Vitamin C. Honeydew also has dietary fibers that are good for our intestine.

Here are some of the well know benefits of eating Honeydew.

Helps in reducing cholesterol

The high content of soluble fiber that is found in this fruit helps in reducing the effect of bad cholesterols in our body.

Develop strong bones and teeth

As researchers have identified that Honeydew contains rich quantity of calcium, eating this fruit regularly helps in the development of strong bones and teeth.

Helps in Hydration

As this fruit is rich in substantial amount of essential minerals like potassium which helps in sustaining adequate water level inside our body, eating Honeydew is therefore highly beneficial for retaining optimal hydration at our cellular level. Moreover as this fruit contains approximately more than 90 percent water, it is also a good source for quenching our thirst.

Relieves constipation

As Honeydew contains even high amount of insoluble fibers that assists in the process of digestion eating this fruit helps in alleviating constipation. In certain places across the world Honeydew juice is prescribed by nutritionists and medical practitioners for curing even other sort of chronic digestive issues.

Relives hypertension

As it has been already noted that this fruit is rich in mineral like potassium, which is an essential mineral that counteracts hypertension which sometimes happens as an after effect of eating raw table salt; eating Honeydew helps individuals who are suffering from hypertension.

Strengthens immunity

As Honeydew melons are a great source of Vitamin C, eating this fruit helps in boosting our immunity. Studies have shown that one individual serving of this fruit contains approximately 34 percent of our daily requirement of Vitamin C in our body.

Helps in weight loss

Individuals those who are looking forward to counteract obesity and lose weight, finds Honeydew juice extremely effective for their weight loss regimes. As this fruit has very high water content, Honeydew serves as an excellent diuretic drink that helps us in cleansing our colon and our kidneys.

Apart from the above stated benefits Honeydew melon also contains phytonutrients such as Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which helps in preventing cataract and enhance our ocular health.

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