Benefits Of Guava

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Benefits Of Guava

Guava is a fruit that grows well in the hot humid climate of the tropics and is abundantly cultivated in most of the Asian countries. This fruit appears quite similar to the pear in its shape and has an outer skin, which is green in color initially and becomes yellow when the fruit becomes over-ripe. The peel is consumed along with the fruit. Inside the peel is the fleshy part, which is white, pinkish or reddish in color. Guavas are extremely rich in Vitamin C . Due to their numerous other minerals , vitamins and nutritional content, guavas are quite beneficial for the health. Some of these health benefits include:

1. Aids in curing diarrhea & dysentery.
Guava contains rich amounts of astringents that bind up loose bowels during diarrhea. They are alkaline in nature and possess anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties. They help to inhibit microbial growth, remove excessive mucus from the intestine and thus cure dysentery. The presence of nutrients like vitamin-C, potassium and Carotenoids strengthens the digestive system and helps in disinfecting it.

2. Helps in curing constipation.
Guavas contain rich amounts of dietary fiber, which makes it an excellent fruit that helps to cure constipation. Guava seeds, when ingested whole or in bits act as excellent laxatives. Thus, guavas are extremely useful in forming bowels, retaining extra water and cleaning up the entire excretory system thoroughly.

3. Helps to treat cough & cold.
The juice of raw guavas is very helpful in providing relief in cough and cold. It helps to loosen cough, reduce mucus, disinfect the entire respiratory tract, lungs and throat. The astringent properties are useful for inhibiting microbial activity and protect us from many diseases. The presence of antioxidants like vitamin-C and minerals like iron makes iguavas useful against cold and viral infections.

4. Takes care of skin.
Guavas are rich in vitamins-A, B, C and minerals like potassium that act as antioxidants and detoxifiers, which help to keep the skin glow and free from wrinkles and aging.
Guavas thus help to improve the skin texture and keep skin problems away.

5. Helps treat problems of High BP.
Guavas aid in reducing blood cholesterol and prevent the thickening of blood, thus maintaining blood fluidity and reducing blood pressure. The presence of fiber also is useful for reducing blood pressure.

6. Helps in weight loss.
Guavas are high in roughage and rich in proteins vitamins, and minerals. Along with this, is the absence of cholesterol and less digestible carbohydrates making the fruits quite filling and satisfying a person’s appetite very easily. Thus, they are very helpful in weight loss.

7. Beneficial to teeth and gums.
The rich amounts of astringents present in guavas help the gums feel fresh and tight after guava leaves or raw guavas are chewed.

With so many benefits to health, guavas should be consumed regularly. They can be consumed as jams and pickles but the most preferable way to consume guavas is in the raw state.

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