Benefits Of Effleurage massage

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Benefits Of Effleurage massage

With the increase in the amount of stress in people lives all over the world, the use of massage for stress relaxation has greatly increased in the past few years. Effleurage massage is one such massaging techniques and is also known as stroking massage. It is one of the most frequently used massaging techniques in Swedish massage. The technique makes a person relax his or her body and prevents muscle fatigue. It involves light gliding movements applied to the body parts that are to be massaged using hands or forearms. Medium but continuous pressure is applied to the body, making it feel relaxed and free from stress. There are numerous benefits of effleurage massage, some of which include:

1. Helps in relaxation.
When effleurage massage is carried out lightly, it creates a soothing effect on the body helps it to relax and get away from physical stress.

2. Improves blood circulation.
When the massage is performed with pressure, it helps improve the blood circulation in the skin cells of the body.

3. Helps in stimulating muscles
Short and fast massage strokes help to stimulate the muscles, thereby improving their performance.

4. Acts like sedative
When slow massage movements are carried out they act like a sedative and help in soothing the nerves. As a result , stress and strain are relieved, headaches and tension are dispelled and problems related to insomnia are treated.

5. Helps to alleviate depression
Effleurage massage helps to alleviate depression that is a part of today’s lifestyle. It helps to stimulate and encourage the flow of lymph and the working of the body’s venous system.

6. Aids in treating injuries.
Light strokes in effleurage massage are used for treating injuries during the early stages of healing process.

7. Helps to relieve pain
Light effleurage strokes also aid in relieving back pains that occur due to over work or injuries in the back bone.

8. Improves the central nervous system
Brisk movements of effleurage massage are considered beneficial to enliven, stimulate and revive the central nervous system of a person.

9. Improves a person’s immunity
Research conducted in the field shows that effleurage massage helps to increase the cytotoxic capacity of the body’s immune system. As a result there is an increase in the activity level of body’s natural defense system or the “killer cells”. The number of T-cells in the body is reduced, thus, lowering the frequency and intensity of sickness. As a result of all this, the person’s immunity is enhanced and there are fewer occurrences of diseases.

With so much tension and stress in work and family lives of people, it is important that some technique such as effleurage massage be incorporated as a part of life. This will not only relax you form stress and tension but will also give you a general sense of well being.

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