Benefits Of Guava Juice

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Benefits of Guava Juice

Guava juice is a drink made from the guava fruit which is a tropical fruit found in South America mostly. It is made by crushing a fresh guava fruit and using the guava pulp to make a sweet and rich juice which has a wonderful flavor. The guava fruits are also used to produce jellies, jams and preservatives. Guava juice is naturally sweet and requires little or no additional sweetener. Aside from its refreshing property, guava juice has a lot more benefits, some of which are discussed here under.

1. Quenches thirst
If you walk into several stores, this is one drink you can never miss from the shelves. It is known for its ability to quench thirst and its nice taste. Further it is a very rich source for both iron and vitamin C. For this reason it is used to produce ice cream, alcohol and sorbet. Like other juices, guava juice is also pasteurized to enable it last longer however once the package is opened, it should be refrigerated for about a week.

2. Treats dysentery and diarrhea
Guava juice contains astringents which are compounds that make the gums feel tighter. The astringents help to bind loose bowels reducing the rate of diarrhea or even stop it altogether. Because these compounds are alkaline in nature, they have anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties which help to cure dysentery by stopping microbial growth while removing extra mucus from within the intestines.

3. Aids in weight loss
For individuals who are keen in losing weight, guava juice can help as long as they do not compromise their proteins, fiber and vitamins intake. Because guava has high roughage, it is rich in vitamins and has no cholesterol but less digestible carbohydrates, making it satisfy easily. Having this juice often will reduce your appetite for food and as such help you lose weight.

Nevertheless, all these benefits can be best experienced if you eat the guava fruit itself because processing the fruit to acquire the juice usually loses a lot of nutrients down the road.

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