Benefits Of Psyllium Fiber

Benefits of Psyllium Fiber

Psyllium fiber is got from the seeds of a plant known as Plantago psyllium. This plant grows like a weed all over the world and it is cultivated commercially in France, Spain, Pakistan and India among many other countries. Psyllium is a cheap soluble fiber source that is especially appropriate for individuals who do not consume adequate fiber-rich meals. There are innumerable health benefits of psyllium fiber as deliberated below.

1. Reduces cholesterol
Psyllium fiber can assist in lowering high cholesterol levels. In fact, psyllium fiber’s effect on triglyceride cholesterol has been examined in several studies and it has shown to be very effecting in reducing cholesterol. The ability of this fiber to absorb most of the water in the body enhances the body’s capability of eliminating cholesterol via the bowel. Rather than cholesterol being absorbed in the liver, it is eliminated through your bowel and this reduces cholesterol levels.

2. Hemorrhoids reduction
Hemorrhoids are normally caused due to the hardness and straining of stools linked to constipation. Psyllium fiber assists in softening stools and increasing the daily bowel movements. It absorbs water and softens bowel movements, making them pass easily. This greatly relieves hemorrhoid discomfort.

3. Weight loss
Psyllium fiber’s bulk effect assists in creating a full felling. As the fiber absorbs water, it expands and thus creates a full feeling in a person’s stomach. This results in reduced hunger cravings. Through reducing hunger cravings, psyllium fiber lowers cases of unhealthy eating. This can translate into weight loss provided exercises are also used.

4. Diarrhea relief
The bulking effect of psyllium fiber that assists in alleviating constipation also assists in providing relief from diarrhea. When suffering from diarrhea, a patient has excess water present in their colon. Psyllium offers diarrhea relief through absorbing most of the water, creating firmer bowel movements.

High psyllium fiber intake may cause enhanced flatulence and temporary bloating.

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