Benefits of GSHP

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Benefits of GSHP

GSHP stands for ground source heat pump, and it is fundamentally a clean technique of heating and cooling buildings. It utilizes energy stored within the ground so as to offer an energy efficient source of heat for any premise such as school or home. Here are the many benefits of using GSHP.

1. Cheap energy source

GSHP are proven to save money as compared to other sources of heating. This particular form of heating is also competitive on the first costs and general lifecycle expenses than most electric systems. Furthermore, they create savings of about 40% on energy use. Some states even offer incentives or rebates to clients who choose to purchase GSHP.

2. Environmentally friendly

Installing a GSHP is one of the ways going green and conserving natural resources. It provides a good option of lowering emissions and minimizing destruction to the ozone layer. The underground loops used for transferring heat usually do not need an external vent, which means less air pollution. Moreover, GSHP is energy efficient and it provides over 60% of the needed energy for both cooling and heating the house.

3. Less maintenance

GSHP demand less maintenance, particularly when compared to heating systems that are based on combustion. In addition, GSHP has an extended lifespan contrasted with combustion boilers. Heat pumps are also fully automated such that they demand less maintenance work. GSHP actually has a lifespan of 50 years.

4. Saves space

Heat pumps help save space. GSHP offers greater freedom during building because they need almost 50% less room space compared to other heating systems. The fact that GSHP has no requirements of storing fuel contributes to the benefit of less space.

Finally, GSHP offers a safe heating and cooling option. No emission and combustion are involved in GSHP, which makes it safer to use.

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