Benefits Of School Starting Later

Benefits of School Starting Later

Various studies say that delaying the starting times of most schools by only 30 minutes may really benefit the students. In fact, lack of sufficient sleep is hindering the achievement of many learners nowadays. To cater for the sleep requirements of children, schools should therefore start later than they normally do. Here are the benefits of school starting later.

1. Improves academic performance
When school starts later, students are much more in sync with the current class events and are therefore ready to learn. With enhanced alertness in the classroom, the academic performances will also improve. The schools that have made the recommended changes are already benefiting from positive outcomes, with enhanced grades and better attitudes towards learning. Learning new subjects later during the day is more favorable to the learners actually understanding the content.

2. Better safety
School starting later also has a beneficial effect on safety. Many students get back home earlier than their parents. Police reports indicate that during this particular time, the rates of crimes are very high. By starting school later, this means it will also end later and this reduces the time children spend home alone. An extra safety benefit is that it averts any accidents that may have been caused by sleepy students driving themselves.

3. Eliminates tiredness
Usually, tiredness is typically regarded as an indication of laziness. Nevertheless, lack of sleep can cause extreme tiredness, which directly affects learning. For teenagers, getting more sleep is essential due to the various body changes that occur during puberty.

Simply delaying the school starting period would be highly beneficial for the students’ learning. By getting enough sleep, students get all the rest they need for eliminating tiredness.
Since school starting later means that it will end later as well, this can hinder students from participating in extracurricular activities because of shortage of time.

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