Benefits Of Cooling Down

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Benefits of Cooling Down

While exercising with friends at the gym, I noticed that many people often skip two essential parts. It is important that you start up with warm-up exercise and end with light stretching exercise, commonly known as a cool-down. This is important so that you prevent muscle injury and strain.

1. Improves blood circulation

You should ensure that you warm-up before vigorous workout to prepare the circulatory system, as well as the heart muscles. When you perform strenuous physical activity, or vigorous exercise for that matter, blood circulation is not available to the heart. Therefore, stretching and warm-up will help reduce irregular heartbeat linked to poor circulation.

2. Prevents muscle injury

Another reason why you should warm-up prior to working out is that it helps you prevent muscle strain and injury. By stretching before exercise, muscle elasticity is improved which in turn lubricates your joints. In other words, warming up prepares your body for intense exercise, not to mention the fact it improves your flexibility.

3. Regulates body temperature

Respiration, heart rate and body temperature are controlled to prevent irregular heartbeat that might cause life threatening complications. Cooling down after intense workout is therefore important as it helps prevent muscle soreness.

4. Eliminates toxins

When we perform strenuous exercise, the body often experiences stress. Ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers undergo a lot of strain. A cool-down is proven beneficial to eradicate toxins that tend to build up during vigorous activity. It also helps to release muscle stress that you have undergone.

5. Faster recovery

Muscles typically experience a lot of stress after intense exercise. Cooling down or stretching is important to ensure faster muscle recovery, so you should include stretching exercise into your workout regimen to avoid injury and strain.

After you perform any type of exercise, remember that cooling down is important as it helps prevent muscle strain and injury

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