Benefits Of Golden Rice

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Benefits of Golden Rice

Golden rice is a form of genetically engineered rice such that it contains various carotenoids like beta carotene in its endosperm. Rice grains that have undergone this process usually have a golden yellow color, in contrast with the normal white rice. When golden rice is eaten, most of the carotenoids present in it are changed to vitamin A in the body. Here is a detailed examination of advantages of golden rice.

1. Additional nutrients
Golden rice has additional minerals and vitamins that are not found in white rice. The intake of this kind of rice is recommended for assisting with the mineral or vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition problems. Through providing vitamin A to the body, golden rice helps many children throughout the globe prevent blindness, which is linked to deficiencies in vitamin A. In fact, a mere 200g golden rice serving is adequate for providing the recommended daily consumption of vitamin A.

2. Pest and disease resistance
Another key benefit of genetically engineered rice, specifically golden rice is that it is disease and pest resistant. This particular rice variety has been injected using genes that produce toxins that harm certain pets and diseases. This lowers the rates of crop failure significantly, while benefiting the environment also through lessening the need of using chemical products like fertilizers and pesticides.

3. Flood resistance
There has been an increase in cases of droughts and floods to climate change, which normally destroys various crops. However, the golden rice variety is flood resistant and it has the ability of surviving flooded situations for about two weeks. Other than being flood resistant, this rice variety can also tolerate drier conditions. This makes areas of rice cultivation more widespread.
The drawback of golden rice is that it may have some unknown side effects, especially after prolonged use. In fact, the proteins and toxins introduced into golden rice might be harmful if consumed over a long time.

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