Benefits of Fertilizers

Benefits of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are the most crucial element in farming and agriculture. We learn about the fertilizer in the very first topic of our science class. The benefit of fertilizers can be determined by the dependency on it in the field of farming. We need fertilizers even in gardening purposes. ‘ Fertilizers are majorly of two types natural and artificial. Natural fertilizers are made up of residuals of plants and animals, wherein artificial fertilizers have chemical elements and human poop in it, both are equally beneficial for agriculture though natural fertilizer is ranked above the artificial one. Fertilizers have a very strong bonding with pesticides, which are used as worm repellent in soil.

  1. Stimulates crop’s growth: The first and foremost benefit of using fertilizer in soil is its catalyst nature which instantly mixes up with the cells of the soil and makes it fertile and soft. Fertilizers are the closest friends of the farmers, as not every soil is fertile naturally hence the use of fertilizer in agriculture is beyond words. Adding human poop makes fertilizer very effective and fertile and stimulates the growth of the crops.

  2. Helps Irrigation: In a tropical climate where rain is uncertain and water is scarce, the benefit of fertilizer and irrigation is outstanding. Fertilizer with the help of proper irrigation helps the agriculture department to grow crops throughout the year and fetch the demand of people.

  3. Assists Pesticides: Fertilizers are an inseparable part of the agricultural unit. Using pesticides on fertile soil helps prevent the insects away, but the quantity of it should be very apt or else it will poison the soil.

  4. Small time business: Fertilizer is majorly manufactured by the state or central government but numerous small time industries is also producing it, this has given an opportunity to the small time business men and farmer to earn perks by selling fertilizers, but purity of fertilizer should be their utmost concern apart from earning money.

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