Top 5 Benefits of Agricultural Lime

Top 5 Benefits of Agricultural Lime Lime is a naturally occurring vital nutrient which is essential for the maintenance of healthy soil. It imparts a heavy role in higher crop yields. Naturally occurring limes are mostly compounds of CaCO3. Lime is very well known for its ability to minimize acidity of soil and increasing efficiency … Read more

Benefits of Fertilizers

Benefits of Fertilizers Fertilizers are the most crucial element in farming and agriculture. We learn about the fertilizer in the very first topic of our science class. The benefit of fertilizers can be determined by the dependency on it in the field of farming. We need fertilizers even in gardening purposes. ‘ Fertilizers are majorly of … Read more

Benefits of Phragmites

Benefits of Phragmites Phragmites, also called common reeds, is an exotic kind of grass that can grow to a height of 20 feet. Categorized as an invasive species, most environmental experts think that it might be unnecessarily receiving a bad repute. Even though it does compete with the native plants through occupying growing space and … Read more

Benefits Of Soil Conservation

Benefits of Soil Conservation Soil conservation refers to various management strategies that are put in place for protecting soil from various factors. For instance, soil conservation helps to avoid soil erosion or damage to soil by salinization, acidification or overuse. By conserving soil, the following rewards are gained. 1. Promotes soil organisms Ensuring that useful … Read more

Benefits Of Wetlands

Benefits of Wetlands Wetlands include marshes, bogs and swamps and they are areas whose soil is seasonally or permanently soaked with water. Such areas can be found all over the world except on Antarctica. Wetlands offer a great range of benefits as illustrated in the following article. 1. Protection from floods Wetlands offer an important … Read more