Benefits of Amrood

Benefits of Amrood

Fruits can never be bad for your health. Taken raw, with salads or crushed down in juice the basic quality of a fruit makes it worth having. Amrood or Guava is one such fruit laden with natural benefits which doesn’t only make it favorable for the health freaks but its sweet taste is a heart winning as well. Amrood is full of vitamin C, in fact it is considered as the richest source of vitamin C among other fruits. It has the contents of phosphorus, iodine, calcium and potassium. The goodness of amrood can be determined by the number of its medicinal properties. It treats bronchitis, diarrhea, rheumatic aches, vomiting, bleeding gums, eye sores, scurvy, wounds and acne are also treated.

  1. Medicinal Benefit: Amrood keeps your high blood pressure at bay, it is a doctor’s favorite fruit. The seeds of the fruit have an aromatic oil in it which helps in keeping your heart healthy and strong. It increases the levels of the good cholesterol in your body. Guava is friends to your stomach as it helps in digestion and prevents gastric problems.

  2. Health benefit: Guava is highly recommended by the fitness experts as well. Guava is high in proteins and vitamins hence it makes a complete food sans carbohydrate. Guava is good for skin as well, the barks of the guava trees helps in treating skin diseases. Guava is also beneficial for the kids.

  3. Economical benefit: Guava is economically beneficial too. Jams, jellies, salads, sweets and many other things are made up of guava. It is used as health drinks and sorbet too. Guava tastes best when taken raw or with salad. Having such rich medicinal benefits guava is grown extensively in India and its neighboring countries too. Guava is not just favorable to the people of India but its benefits and qualities are appreciated in international countries as well.

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