The Benefits of Dedicated Server

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The Benefits of Dedicated Server

Shared web hosting helps us to stay away from the maddening online traffic and gives us a clear pass to the low traffic websites.

  1. Smooth Performance: The performance of the dedicated server is way better than the public ones as you get the opportunity of maintaining it by your own. You do not have to share your resources with the other users hence the processes or, memory and hard disk space remains free for your use only.

  2. Reliable and secure from bug: It is reliable as you supervise it personally. You do not have to worry about the hackers and thieves trying to get into your private space hampering your privacy and confidentiality. The security level is set by you hence you can change and twist and makes the best out of it. Password and ids are not shared hence the access is restricted and maintained. You have your dedicated firewall and your own control policy.

  3. Customized configuration: Configuration is also dependent on you, you can install softwares and applications according to your need. Installing software is not allowed when you are using shared networks as permission of the other domains are also required. As your configuration is customize you can increase or decrease the disk spaces and processor speed as well.

  4. Quick and responsive: Another benefit of of a dedicated server is its amazing response time. It is fast and quick and lets you do lengthy and tiresome task in no time. You can easily debug your server and make it bug free. You can monitor your server with the help of your dedicated team members, you do not have to be dependant of other professionals.

  5. Peace of mind and saves money: It gives you peace of mind and saves the huge investments that occurs when you have to install shared network.

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