Benefits Of Fajr

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Benefits of Fajr

You will agree with me that today most young people come alive post 9:00 pm. Clubs, parties, video gaming, internet chatting and cramming sessions are all done after ishaa prayers, which interferes with your effectiveness as a Muslim. Since most people often struggle to wake up at Fajr, I will share with you some tips to help you wake up early enough for Fajr, and the many benefits of praying Fajr as well.

1. Allah will be pleased with him
For a believer, I am going to share with you the benefits you can get by praying Fajr. Allah will be pleased with anyone who prays ‘Isha’ on a regular basis, and whoever spent most of the night praying Fajr, it will be as if he dedicated the entire night to prayer. According to the prophet, glad tidings will be given to everyone who walks to the mosque at night. With that said, you should create a plan before you sleep to ensure you wake early up so that the Fajr can become your second nature.

2. Salvation from insincerity
Another benefit of praying Fajr is salvation from insincerity. If you always sleep late, make a point of drinking some water before bedtime. Although this might not work for you, it is far better than sleeping when you should be praying Fajr. Therefore, sacrifice a few hours in the night and pray Fajr to receive salvation from insecurity.

3. Treasures and blessings
Whoever prays Fajr will receive blessings and treasures that surpass your imagination. Sleep early enough so that waking up is easy. Eventually your mind and body will work together in union to help you strengthen your faith as a Muslim.

Just ensure you sacrifice a few hours to pray Fajr so that you can receive treasures and blessings. If you always oversleep, drink some water before bedtime.

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