Benefits Of Sony

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Benefits of Sony

Sony is a leading electronics program that attracts and employs highly talented and skilled workers. The company has unique and customized plans that support the variety of their employees. A huge wealth of services and resources is therefore offered to all workers. These range from financial and health wellness, to positive family and work balance. At Sony, all aspects of a worker’s comfort have been well considered.

1. Pay
The pay offered a Sony is very competitive as compared to other industries. There is a very charitable 401(k) plan along with a good match. There is a yearly 3% contribution for retirement savings for all corporate employees of Sony. Furthermore, paid holiday is also offered and huge discounts are given to workers on some of the Sony products.

2. Customized plans
Most importantly, Sony has customized plans that acknowledge the fact that each person is distinctive and requires a plan that supports their needs and complements their strong points. Through the using of innovative tools such as HR WorkWays, employees are offered the access to data that will make certain they get the best benefits out of Sony’s overall compensation program. You could even get legal services at discounted rates if you work at Sony.

3. Disability and retirement benefits
Sony offers compensation and retirement options that are bound to assist you create a secure future financially for both your family and you. These range from pay continuation for disable people and also a disability insurance that is long term. Workers are also provided with accidental and life insurance. For individuals continuing with education, there is education assistance offered at Sony. Moreover, employees here also enjoy discounted auto and home insurance.

Since Sony ensures that workers find a good balance between personal and professional lives, working for them is highly beneficial.

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