Benefits Of HTML5

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Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 format is popular since it is compatible with all browsers. In fact, millions of internet users use browsers that support the HTML format, including Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Internet explorer also supports additional HTML5 features. There has been a heated debate surrounding Flash and HTML5 format with Apple declaring they will not use Flash because it is outdated as compared to HTML5. Most developers are working towards improving the HTML format to use on their website.

1. Sound and video support
Web developers work tirelessly to create software that stream video, display fluid animations and integrate with Personal Network websites like Facebook and Twitter. In their quest to create drawing and video apps they have to learn and apply tools, including Silverlight and Flex or other JavaScript tools. However, this ha increased the time and complexity to develop common Web Applications and software. With HTML support, audio and video embedding is possible, as well as charts and quality drawings.

2. Enhanced forms
The HTML5 format also offers enhanced forms to search boxes, text inputs and other relevant field and offers easy data validation and interaction with page elements as well as other meaningful improvements.

3. Geo-location
The advanced HTML5 geo-location feature, regardless of whether granted by GPS or not, is directly applied to all HTML5 compatible browsers. Google latitude on the iPhone is the best example of Geo-location. The geo-location application is completely platform independent as well.

4. User-friendly interface
The HTML5 format also feature a new and better database API commonly used locally. Simply put, it provides a well-defined database storage that gives developers the opportunity to save or store structured data. This database will come to use when you want to store shopping cart products for online shopping websites.

HTML5 is not reliable in terms of formatting since web browsers are different as they don’t support one single format.

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