Benefits Of Dairy Free Diet

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Benefits of Dairy Free Diet

Many individuals enjoy dairy products and drinking milk. A cup of milk supplies lots of calcium, vitamin D and proteins. However, there are numerous advantages of using a dairy free diet also. Consuming high amounts of butter, cheese and milk as well as other dairy products may lead to allergic reactions and poor digestion. Usually, switching to a dairy free diet is very beneficial as shown below.

1. Prevents health complications

Dairy products have been associated with several health complications. Statistics that were released recently indicate clear connections between dairy consumption and migraines, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, headaches, IBS and acne among others. Through undertaking the dairy free diet, you will avert these health complications and enhance your health in general.

2. Reduce fat content

Dairy products comprise of high fat amounts and most of them can even be regarded as unhealthy. The actual cow’s milk contains about 54% fat, while the packaged milk contains 30% fat. Other dairy products like cheese and butter contain more than 70% fat content, which is unhealthy for human intake. A dairy free diet is therefore a much healthier option.

3. Food intolerance

Removing foods that the body cannot tolerate like wheat and dairy may be beneficial in various ways. For instance, the body absorbs essential nutrients and minerals much better. Consuming a diet free of dairy products is more useful to individuals who have lactose intolerance and other milk allergies.

4. Lowers cholesterol

Many studies have illustrated that people who consume diets rich in dairy products are more susceptible to heart disease and gallstones due to high cholesterol levels. Since a dairy free diet involves cholesterol free foods like fruits, legumes and vegetables, it helps lower cholesterol.

Locating the correct foods and committing to your diet are two of the main drawbacks of dairy free diets.

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