Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

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health-effects-cheese-pdBenefits Of Cottage cheese

One of the most easily available cheese all through then world is cottage cheese. The soft texture and mild taste of this cheese makes it an easy food that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Cottage cheese is known so, because it was initially produced in smallÂ’ cottages to utilize the leftover milk. Apart from being versatile, this cheese can be added to any diet for making it nutritious and tasty. The many benefits of eating cheese include:

1.Provides calcium to the body.
Cottage cheese provides rich amounts of calcium to the body. Sufficient amounts of calcium helps in building bones and increasing their strength. Calcium also aids in keeping the blood pressure within normal limits. Each serving of cottage cheese contains seventy grams of calcium and is capable of fulfilling the daily dose of calcium for the body.

2.Balanced food without much fat.
Cottage cheese obtained from four percent milk contains about 120 calories in each serving. You can also opt for low fat milk cheese and fat-free cheese which contains just 80 calories per serving. The standard cottage cheese contains four to six grams fat, while the fat-free cheese is totally free of fat. Although fat-free cheese contains added starches to compensate the low fat content. Cottage cheese is filling, and so, just a single serving is quite satisfying.

3.Provides rich quantities of protein.
Cottage cheese is a preferred diet of body builders as it provides rich amounts of protein to the body. Just a single serving of this low calorie food contains as high as fifteen grams of protein. Much part of this protein is in the form of casein, which is a slow digesting type of protein. Although the quantity of protein is much low than that found in meat and poultry, but is one of the best vegetarian sources of protein. The high protein content present in the form of casein, help to make cottage cheese a high satiety food, which is capable of reducing hunger for long periods of time.

4.Source of low carbohydrates.
People who are suffering from p-problems like diabetes and obesity need to consume foods which provide nutrition without adding many carbohydrates to the body. Cottage cheese is one excellent food that is low in carbohydrates and should be consumed by people suffering from many problems.

Cottage cheese can be consumed as a low fat, healthy substitute for other soft cheeses that contain high content of fat. Sue it in many ways and enjoy the numerous benefits of it.

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