Benefits Of cutting out red meat

Benefits of cutting out red meat

People have varied reasons for cutting red meat from their nutrition. The reason is that red meat has loads of fat thus may not be ideal for those seeking to shed a few pounds. By minimizing your intake of red meat you can stay healthy, and your will have additional energy without added calories. Below are the reasons why you should cut out red meat from your nutrition and consume more veggies.

1. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
Cutting out red meat and consuming more veggies and fruits will reduce your chance of contracting strokes and heart attack. Since vegetarian diet s and recipes are high in healthy fats and antioxidants, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is greatly reduced. For this reason, you should add more veggies into your daily nutrition for healthy function of the heart.

2. Antioxidants
Another reason why you should incorporate antioxidants into your nutrition is that veggies are high in antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants play an essential role in our health as they help neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage, as well as premature aging signs.

3. Lowers high cholesterol
Healthy fats in seeds and nuts in vegetarian recipes go along way in lowering ‘’bad” cholesterol, thereby reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease and other related complications. Cutting out red meat from your diet is therefore the only sure way to improve cardiovascular health. In fact, statists show that vegetarians have lower incidences of heart attack.

4. Aids in weight loss
Cutting out red meat can help with weight loss and is safer than dieting. This is because vegetarian diets and recipes are lower in calories and saturated fats. Additionally, vegetarian diets lower chances of osteoporosis in women.
High protein diet is required to add strength and build mass in bodybuilding. Therefore, red meat is a key diet in bodybuilding.

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