Benefits Of Ethanol Free Gas

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Benefits of Ethanol Free Gas

With high fuel prices, consumers are now looking for cheaper alternatives to power their automobiles. One viable option is ethanol-produced gas from corn and organic materials. Ethanol gas free has become a hot subject of discussion with respect to green living. Listed below are the benefits of using Ethanol gas as an alternative source of fuel.

1. Renewable
Unlike others sources of energy, ethanol gas is renewable as it is derived from plants. This makes it advantageous over gasoline, which has environmental hazards. Additionally, automobiles that use ethanol are cheaper to maintain as compared to vehicles that run on gasoline alone.

2. Environmental friendly
Burning ethanol emits fewer pollutants than traditional gasoline. Since ethanol gas is created with organic materials vehicles that run on ethanol emit fewer toxins into the atmosphere. Another benefit of using ethanol gas is that your vehicle will run on cleaner fuel.

3. Produced domestically
While there are different fuel sources each of them having varied requirements with respect to production (for example, natural gas and propane can be transported through similar channels), ethanol gas is easy to produce as it is derived from plants and organic materials.

4. Cost
Ethanol is a cheap source of fuel and does not require high set up costs in terms of production as compared to gasoline. Since production is done domestically, transportation costs are minimal not to mention the process is straightforward (unlike drilling and transportation of crude oil). With ethanol free gas, companies are now making nice profits, whereas consumers are enjoying cheaper source of fuel.
Although ethanol helps to reduce emission of green house pollutants, it can be corrosive. This is because it absorbs dirt and water very easily, which causes corrosion and damages your engine. On the other hand, ethanol gas is not readily available for public use as compared to gasoline.

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