Benefits Of Coast Guard

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Benefits of Coast Guard

The coast guard offers lucrative salary benefits as well as an impressive benefits package. In fact, Coast Guardsmen get the same pay as other members of the military. If you are just starting out, you will be impressed by the many benefits you are bound to receive, including free medical cover, college tuition , free dental and eye care just to mention but a few. Read on and find out why you should consider a career as a coast guard.

1. Competitive salary
The salary for coast guards normally increases with longevity and grade, as well as a lucrative benefits package. In simple terms, you will receive free medical care, life insurance, tuition and paid vacation as a member of the coast guard. However, these are only a few benefits you will get as a coast guard.

2. Vast career options
A career as a coast guard provides a number of opportunities that suit all types of interests. It is a great alternative to professional studying environmental and marine sciences, as it offers access to up-to-date technology as well as better research initiatives. Moreover, a career as a coast guard provides great careers in mechanical engineering and law enforcement.

3. Tuition reimbursement
Besides a competitive salary and vast career opportunities, members of the coast guard also receive tuition reimbursement plus the obvious perks for anyone who enjoys spending time at water. Career training and combine travel are some of the perks you will receive as a coast guard, how cool is that!

4. Develops discipline and sense of understanding
Beyond the aforementioned material benefits, you will also receive other intangible benefits. For starters, you will accomplish more things that you initially considered a challenge. This will give you a sense of understanding and self-discipline.

Additional host of perks are attainable with longevity and grade.

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