Benefits Of Garlic Supplements

Benefits of Garlic Supplements

Garlic, a household herb that has extensive culinary uses, may also offer health benefits. Using garlic supplements is preferred over using raw garlic as the supplements have a coating that limits the unwanted odor. The coating ensures that the supplement only breaks down once it has reached the intestines. The ingredients used for making garlic supplements include garlic oil, dried garlic and aged garlic as well.

1. Cancer prevention
According to specific studies done on garlic supplements, it was discovered that thee supplements offered protection against gastric and colorectal cancer. Other researches even show that garlic supplements help reduces the bad side effects linked to undergoing chemotherapy. In cancer patients, garlic enhances appetite and removes fatigue. It also offers protection against heart and intestinal damage, which is linked to chemotherapy use.

2. Combats heart disease
For those with varying forms of heat diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and high cholesterol, use of garlic supplements is recommended. Garlic promotes a healthy heart through reducing LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Furthermore, regularly eating garlic supplements with your meals prevents platelet aggregation, which enhances the flow of blood.

3. Improve immune system
Consuming garlic supplements improves your immune function and thus assist you prevent infections and diseases. According to many studies done on this particular subject, garlic supplements have antiviral and antifungal properties. Garlic may therefore assist you to safeguard your body from getting common problems and assist you effectively recover from any disease faster.

4. Antibacterial effects
Garlic supplements contain strong antibacterial effects and they are efficient in fighting bacterial infections, including streptococcus. Moreover, these supplements also show important use as they fight and stop parasites from entering the body. For instance, garlic intake prevents Helicobacter pylori, a parasite that can cause gastric ulcers.

As garlic supplements blood thinning effects, discontinue garlic use before medical procedures to reduce the danger of bleeding.

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