Benefits Of Biotechnology

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Benefits of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a field in science responsible for using and manipulating microorganisms so as to benefit mankind. It uses scientific methods for modifying the products, improving qualities of animals and plants as well as other products created from microorganisms. The benefits of biotechnology are countless and some of them are explained below.

1. Increases quality
Biotechnology is commonly utilized for changing the features of raw items used in production such that they will be more appealing to customers and even more pliable to processing. Researchers in this field of science are working to enhance the shelf life and nutritional value of various natural resources. Biotechnology is therefore essential for enhancing product quality.

2. Improves safety
Biotechnology aids in increasing safety of products through assisting scientists to find and eliminate the harmful nutrients in the products. For instance, scientists have been able to locate and remove the allergy causing protein present in soybeans, milk and peanuts. An increased safety of agricultural products due to biotechnology means that they can be consumed by everyone without being concerned about any allergic reactions.

3. Alternative production method
The use of biotechnology offers a great alternative for producing useful, natural compounds that do not have any other production method. For instance, the production of cordyceps sinensis, which is a natural Chinese herbal medicine used for promoting kidney and lung functions, can only be done through biotechnology. The pharmaceutical version of this Chinese medicine is manufactured with 100% stability and safety assurance.

4. Environmental benefits
Biotechnology benefits our environment in various methods. It aids in the production of plants that have in built pest resistance traits. This means that fewer pesticides will be applied to the fields. Furthermore, plants produced from biotechnology have increased tolerance for extreme weather conditions and high salt content in water or soil.

The disadvantage of biotechnology is that not all foodstuffs produced using it are safe as some of them have been linked to several health problems.

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