Benefits Of Backbends

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Benefits of Backbends

Backbends are a fundamental part of effective yoga routines. They are yoga poses designed to assist the body to gain more elasticity and also tone the muscles. Doing backbends is vital for both aligning and strengthening the spine. Actually, frequently performing backbends frees the spinal cord from any built up rigidity and tension. Here are other benefits of backbends.

1. Realign spinal cord
Most of our everyday duties demand that we either bend inwards or forwards so as to efficiently perform them. With time, these duties cause damage to the spine as well as the spinal alignment. Through using backbends, it is possible to realign your spine back to its normal position.

2. Improve heart function
Backbends not only target the back area, but they are also helpful in opening up the opposite side of the body, especially the chest. This benefits the heart through increasing its efficiency of pumping blood throughout the body. Backbends also stimulate other internal organs like kidneys.

3. Enhance flexibility
Standing backbends are the most used backbends in yoga routines and they are thought to enhance an individual’s flexibility considerably. The assist in stretching all the frontal body muscles, which strengthens both the back and core muscles around the abdominal area.

4. Respiratory benefits
Performing simple backbends like the sphinx guarantees various respiratory benefits. This particular backbend opens your chest and enables efficient deep breathing. Actually, all backbends improve the process of breathing. Moreover, the sphinx pose also firms up the upper part of the body.

5. Stimulate digestive system
Doing the cobra pose helps stimulate the digestive system and fight off constipation and menstrual irregularities. It also exercises the muscles found in the thighs, abdomen and neck, resulting in overall wellness.

Since backbends place the spine in a strange stance, they should be always approached very gradually by individuals with existing back injury, pain or problems.

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