Health Benefits Of Lady Finger

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Health Benefits of Lady Finger

Ladyfinger, commonly known as gumbo or okra is nourishing pod vegetable. It grows well in tropical and warm regions of the world. It is cultivated in well drained soil and takes about 2-3 months to bear fruits. Studies now show that lady finger has an array of medicinal properties that are only known by a few.

1. Improves nerve function
Okra is high in potassium content which helps maintain balance of fluids responsible for optimum nerve function. Proper balance is important and it helps in improving metabolism as well as transmitting nerve impulses for optimum nerve function.

2. Lowers high blood cholesterol
Okra is also high in pectin that helps in lowering high blood cholesterol by altering the production of bile in the intestines. On the other hand, the liver exhausts the cholesterol present to produce bile juice in the intestines.

3. Aids digestion
Lady finger, commonly known as okra also contains soluble fiber. We all know that soluble fibers help ease common digestive complications, like constipation and irregular bowel movements. This is because fiber helps absorb water thereby preventing constipation.

4. Improve hair health
Okra can also help bring your hair back to its original state, free from dandruffs. Slice okra and heat it until it turns slimy. Allow the water to cool down and then then mix it with lemon. Rinse the resultant mixture to your hair evenly.

5. Boosts immune function
Okra is an excellent source of many essential minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron than help improve immune function. Besides improving immune function, lady finger is also useful in the treatment of ulcers as well as joint problems.

6. Soothes the skin
Okra protects your skin and helps keep premature aging signs at bay. With that said, it is advisable to consume it regularly for healthy skin.

Although there are no known side effects associated to consuming okra, put in mind that moderation is the key to preventing the onset of adverse effects.

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