Benefits Of Australian PR

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Australian FlagBenefits of Australian PR

Australia is a great place for those seeking to settle down and begin a new chapter in life. The country is well-known for having scenic landscapes and pleasant climate. Nonetheless, before we embark on the formalities, let’s discuss briefly the perks of applying for Australian permanent residency.

1. Enjoy unlimited travel
When you become a citizen, you can apply for a permanent visa that gives you the freedom to live with your family in Australia for life. Additionally, permanent residency gives you unlimited travel. However, permanent visa was initially given after five years and one can apply during his/ her stay in Australia or outside the country.

2. Education benefits
Permanent residency also gives you the opportunity to pursue further studies. Permanent residents enjoy various options in regards to College and University education. For instance, permanent residents can access education loans. These loans can help you pay your tuition fees and other related expenses.

3. Health care benefits
A very essential benefit that you can get upon getting permanent residency is affordable health care. As a citizen, you can have access to better medical coverage through a health insurance scheme known as Medicare. In other words, you can receive subsidized medicine and free treatment. Furthermore, the health care benefits are extended to your family as well.

4. Better employment opportunities
Another benefit of permanent residency is that you get a work permit. Under Australian law, permanent residents have the freedom to work in any profession. However, the Armed Forces and Publics service is restricted only to Australian Citizens. Permanent residents, however, enjoy similar benefits as the inhabitants.

5. Sponsorship
Upon becoming a permanent resident, you can decide to sponsor your family to join you in Australia.
The only drawback of migrating to Australia is that permanent residents are not eligible for diplomatic recognition.

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