7 Key Benefits of Keeping a Diary

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7 Key Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary or personal journal was a very common practice in earlier generations. Now a day, only a few people do it because we have forgotten the astonishing power of maintaining a personal diary. Keeping a journal just for a month can change a person’s life. The following are the top 7 reasons to keep a journal.

Serves as a Permanent Record of Our Progress

Sometimes we forget about our success and at times like this frustration may creep inside our mind. There are times when we may feel like we have not achieved anything despite doing all the hard work. A personal diary reminds us of our successes which helps to alleviate all the frustration and inspires us to move forward.

Helps us to Achieve our Goals

The necessity of pledging our desires to paper cannot go unnoticed. Even though it is a very easy process, it pays great dividends. By keeping a regular journal we get the chance to articulate our aims clearly and make our goals appear closer.

Writing reminds us to think beyond the obvious

Keeping a journal helps us to broaden our minds. A person who maintains a diary can see things from a completely different perspective which others can’t. Writing causes us to become more forceful in any pursuit and to explore inspiration from beyond the obvious spaces right in front of us.

A journal affirms the reality of life

The true meaning of life can be discovered through writing. Writing things like a child’s first steps or first tooth, first day at school or high school graduation makes a journal very lively. Later, we can cry or laugh at the reality that our life is a very scary but sensational thing.

Improves writing skills

Maintaining a diary is an effective way to develop your writing ability. While writing any sort of nonfiction or creative writing if anyone finds himself fumbling for words, spending a few minute writing his own diary helps a lot. Writer’s block may be entirely avoided by keeping a journal regularly.

Source of Inspiration

A journal reminds us of both our good and hard days. It motivates and strengthens us facing our future difficulties. A diary makes us believe that we had solved many problems previously which inspire us to keep pushing and never give up. Our diaries are basically stories of our moving forward. If it is shared rightly it may inspire others too.

Relieves Stress

Maintaining a diary enables you to express your innermost emotions which can be a very effective way of relieving pressure. Problems which we cannot share with another person can always be expressed in our diaries. In a way, we can use our personal diary as our most intimate friend.


Writing diaries can cheer us up, reduce our stress and make us smile. It reminds us of our past success and perseverance which compels us forward. It shows us how far we’ve come, how much we have left to achieve, and why we should never give up. So, it is recommended for everyone to start their own personal diary sooner rather than later.

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