Benefits Of Augmented Reality

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Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the technology where an individual’s experience of a certain setting can be enhanced using computer generated data. Normally this means that computer graphics will be superimposed on live video pictures. AR utilizes networked technology so as to offer tools and knowledge that improve the capability of a person to perform duties. The following are benefits of augmented reality.

1. Content
It is highly likely that most users would not possess the expertise or capability of creating an intricate video similar to the ones created using augmented reality. AR therefore allows users to generate quality pieces of content that they would not be capable of creating themselves.

2. Entertaining
Asides from producing high quality content, augmented reality also creates fun and highly entertaining material. Sharing such material with other users creates an element of astonishment and thus makes it very entertaining. It actually stimulates others to come up with their own versions and then share it again.

3. Unique experience
The distinctive and inimitable factors of AR applications will certainly wear off with the creation and use of progressively more of such applications. For the moment, brands should ensure that they completely exhaust this exciting new technology and get maximum gains. Augmented reality thus has many possibilities and will continue offering a unique experience for years to come.

4. Better personalization
The notion of uploading customized media onto the computer helps in the creation of highly personalized media pieces for all users. This is because whatever is produced will relate specifically to the user who created it. This factor makes augmented reality far more appealing than an ordinary image or video.

Augmented reality however has a disadvantage on young people and also their capability of separating reality and fiction. 3D augmented reality games that involve violence are believed to enhance teen aggression since they standardize violence.

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