6 Major Benefits of a Cesarean section

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6 Major Benefits of a Cesarean section

The surgical procedure by which a baby is taken out by making one or more incisions through a mother’s uterus is known as a Caesarean section (also called C-section). Doctors usually perform a Caesarean section when a normal delivery is not safe for a mother and her child. Although now a day, C-section is performed upon request even when vaginal delivery is possible. There are many advantages to a C section delivery which are essential to be aware of so that a patient can make the correct decision about an optional C-Section if she wishes.


C-sections are now much safer than they used to be. As it has become a common phenomenon, surgeons are more efficient at this than before. Without any doubt, a cesarean birth is a major operation and it involves all the risks associated with it. But, with the advancement of medical science, the risk of a C-Section delivery has dropped significantly.

No Labor pain

A vaginal delivery is associated with a massive amount of labor pain. As labor pains can extend over a lengthy period of time, it can be a real nightmare and painful experience for a woman.

Though a patient has to overcome a certain degree of pain after an abdominal surgery, in most cases the pain is very manageable.

Dignity & Privacy

A cesarean section is much more private than a vaginal delivery. During normal delivery, doctors and nurses gather around to check how dilated a patient is. A mother has to cope with this uncomfortable situation for a number of hours. Unlike vaginal delivery, a C-section is performed in a matter of some minutes.

Safer for the child

Coming through the vaginal canal is quite a risky process for a baby. Sometimes a new born often comes out with an elongated head or misshapen body parts. During a C-section the baby is just taken out and it doesn’t have to undergo any of the difficulties of a vaginal delivery. This is a huge advantage of cesarean birth.

Mother can schedule the delivery

For a C-Section, a woman is permitted to schedule the delivery time at her will. So she can remain a lot relaxed and free from anxiety. Whereas, for a natural childbirth a woman has to constantly worry about the delivery time which can be harmful for both the mother and the baby.

Better for future

Another huge benefit of a C-section is that, for later pregnancies, the mother will have a shorter labor period and will be able to deliver quickly. Cesarean delivery allows her to recover faster and shorten her hospital stay. Babies born this way are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, or lactose intolerance. And the mother may breast feed more effectively after the child birth.


There may be a few disadvantages of having a Caesarean, but for some cases it is the best option for both the mother and her baby. It is the safest way of child birth when it comes to twin deliveries.

Therefore, having a C-section is a very good option for a pregnant woman. But before taking any final decision, she should consult it with her doctor.

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