Benefits of SPSS

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Benefits of SPSS

Statistical analysis can be conducted using two main methods. One is simply by using a generalized spreadsheet or data management program such as MS Excel or through using a specialized statistical package such as SPSS. Here are key reasons why SPSS is the best option to use.

1. Effective data management

While it is spot on that a spreadsheet program offers more control with regards to the data organization , this can also be seen as a demerit. In contrast, you cannot move data blocks in SPSS as it is meant for organizing data in an optimal manner. A row represents one case, whereas a column denotes one variable. SPSS makes data analysis quicker because the program knows the location of the cases and variables. When using a spreadsheet, users must manually define this relationship in every analysis.

2. Wide range of options

SPSS is specifically made for analyzing statistical data and thus it offers a great range of methods, graphs and charts. General programs may offer other procedures like invoicing and accounting forms, but specialized programs are better suited for this function. SPSS also comes with more techniques of screening or cleaning the information in preparation for further analysis. Furthermore, normal spreadsheet programs may only support data analysis immediately following installation, with extra plug-ins being required for accessing more intricate techniques.

3. Better output organization

SPSS is designed to make certain that the output is kept separate from data itself. In fact, it stores all results in a separate file that is different from the data. However, in programs like Excel, results of an analysis are placed in one worksheet and there is a likelihood of overwriting other information by accident.

Even though Excel still offers a good way of data organization, using dedicated software like SPSS is more suitable for in depth data analysis.

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