Benefits of Dabur Amla Oil


Benefits of Dabur Amla Oil

Dabur Amla oil, an effective hair moisturizing treatment, can be used like an overnight rejuvenating treatment or like an intensive daily hair treatment. Since this oil has been extracted from Amla tree, it is believed to work wonders in moisturizing hair and promoting hair growth.

1. Improves circulation

Massaging your head with this particular hair oil promotes blood flow in the hair follicles and skin. In effect, hair will grow to become softer and thicker because the follicles receive more nourishment due to the increased blood flow. Moreover, the oil cools the head and encourages sound sleep throughout the night. This enhanced blood flow even stimulates your memory and keeps you brain sharp through promoting more blood flow to the head.

2. Treats damaged hair

Amla is very popular like a hair treatment for damaged and dry hair. It fills in the broken spaces and coats the hair follicles and treats dry hair. Apply Dabur oil immediately after washing so as to enable it to effectively work overnight. Damaged hair should be treated when it is damp and then wrapped up using a towel. The steam and heat from being placed inside a towel assists Amla to deeply treat the hair. The oil repairs and assists in preventing split ends.

3. Prevents hair graying

Dabur Amla helps to hide graying hair through leaving dark pigmentations on hair following treatment. Users can experience this benefit after a couple of weeks of use since Amla oil is essentially a dark colored conditioner. This happens since the oil fully soaks in to hair strands to assist in repairing damage. This pigmentation benefit is most beneficial for those with black or dark brown hair.

Dabur Amla offers a healthy hair treatment option that is very effective in controlling dandruff and keeping your hair looking great.

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  1. faiza virani-fazal

    June 21, 2016 7:43 am


    This is by all means an accurate account of Amla Oil’s benefits.
    There is just one other benefit that must be addressed.
    The oils ability to cure dandruff.

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