Benefits Of Pole Dancing

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Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an efficient kind of aerobic workout that can burn almost 300 calories in every hour. Normal pole dancing workouts involve climbing, spinning, swinging and hanging on the poles. Working using the pole exercises and tones the legs, core and upper body. Read on to discover interesting benefits of pole dancing.

1. Builds strength

Pole dancing workouts are good methods of building muscle and therefore benefit women who usually lack strength in their upper bodies. Supporting your whole body weight using only one arm on the pole is very challenging. Women who undertake pole dancing regularly for several months develop both core and arm strength relatively quickly.

2. Better muscle definition

Women who engage in pole dancing can expect to observe enhanced muscle definition, especially in the bottom and the thighs. More advanced pole dancing moves mainly focus on the use of leg strength for gripping the poll and then letting the arms and torso hang free. Such a move can really tone thigh muscles, enhancing their definition.

3. Lessens winter blues

The constant physical exertion in pole dancing stimulates the production of endorphins, which are regarded as happy hormones. These hormones enhance an individual’s mood and make you feel more energetic and better.

4. Enjoyable

Having fun is one of the main objectives of pole dancing. Most pole dancing classes aim at teaching students various dance moves, including ways of climbing the pole. Taking these classes is a superb method of improving posture and confidence.

5. Weight loss

The high amount of burnt calories in each pole dancing session is adequate for enhancing weight loss. Not only will you lose weight but you will also enhance your flexibility.

Since most pole dances are performed using high heels, the chances of slipping and getting injured is very high.

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