Benefits Of Pizza

Benefits of Pizza

Pizza was regarded as an unhealthy meal by many people before since it was placed in similar group as other unhealthy fast foods. However, studies show consumption of pizza may provide some benefits. Read on if you want to find out the health benefits of eating pizza.

1. Vegetables

For people who do not put vegetables on their pizzas, you are advised to start doing so. Adding onions onto pizza offers the body a rich content of flavonoids and sulfur compounds, which enhance immune function. Onions also promote the heart’s health and may lower the likelihood of certain kinds of cancer. Examples of other veggies known for adding nutritional and antioxidant properties to pizza include red peppers, artichokes, spinach and broccoli.

2. Lycopenes

The tasty tomato sauce used for adding sweetness to pizza is a great source of natural carotenoids known as lycopenes. These natural carotenoids are the ones that give tomatoes their red color and other beneficial effects. Lycopenes are powerful antioxidants that may lower the likelihood of prostate cancer. It is best to obtain lycopenes through using tomato sauce because the process of producing it makes absorption of lycopenes much easier.

3. Calcium

The cheese layer used for making the pizza rich is an excellent source of teeth and bone strengthening calcium. Certain studies recommend the intake of high calcium diet s since it could possibly lessen colon cancer risk.

4. Pizza crust

The pizza crust also has certain beneficial effects, especially if it is produced from healthy whole grains. Whole grains add fiber to the pizza, which has been displayed to be beneficial in assisting digestion. Since fiber promotes proper digestion, it also helps to treat digestion problems.

Despite these health benefits, excess consumption of pizza does more damage to your body than good since the cheese in pizza is high in calories and fat.

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