Benefits Of Neem Leaf

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Benefits of Neem Leaf

Neem leaves are obtained from the neem tree, which is a native of South East Asia. While most parts of this tree are known to possess medicinal effects, the most beneficial part is said to be the leaves. Neem leaf is used for making extracts that are then used for an all-encompassing range of medicinal effects and provide several benefits. Here are the benefits of using neem leaf.

1. Cures skin disorders
Extracts from neem leaves and also neem oil portray potent antibacterial and antiseptic effects. A paste form of these leaves is an effective cure of various skin ailments like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes. Minor cuts and scrapes are also treated using neem leaves so as to avoid bacterial infection and skin inflammation. In fact, an ancient Indian practice required that people bath in warm water containing neem leaves for curing skin ailments.

2. Antiviral effects
Water obtained from neem leaves has exhibited beneficial antiviral effects. Chicken pox or small pox has been cured through rubbing a neem leaf paste onto the affected skin. The neem leaf absorbs the viruses, preventing them from spreading onto other body parts. Consuming tea made from neem leaves and applying a neem ointment on your lips when suffering from cold sores, aids in combating the dangerous herpes virus.

3. Cancer protection
Neem leaf extracts helps to offer the body protection against various kinds of cancer such as cervical and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer affects many men all over the world. Neem leaf has the capability of initiating cell death in cancerous cells, especially in prostate cancer. Ingesting neem leaf is thus vital for enhancing the body’s defense against cancer.

However, neem leaf consumption can result in various stomach disorders that range from indigestion to diarrhea. Patients who have stomach irregularities should therefore not ingest neem leaf supplements.

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