Benefits of Ignorance Hal Sirowitz

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The Benefits of Ignorance Hal Sirowitz

Ignorance is bliss and it could surprisingly have some benefits. In fact, ignorance is not really a bad thing to have. The truth of the matter is that you will not really know anything important until you first acknowledge that you are indeed ignorant. It is easy for ignorant individuals to argue, however it is difficult to squabble while still admitting your ignorance. The following article some of the major benefits that being ignorant could offer you.

In general, clever and bright people spend lots of years in search of knowledge as compared to ignorant people. However, readily available knowledge is not really the same as knowing your Messiah, which is the only important knowledge that man should seek. That is why many Christians are exhausted spiritually in their search for worldly knowledge. In this case, being ignorant actually helps. It provides clarity in that you do not have to be clever to succeed in getting to heaven.

The great thing about being ignorant is that Jesus Christ came so as to save the ignorant people. Actually, ignorant are simple to save, especially if a person admits their ignorance upfront. The opinions of an ignorant person do not really have any weight. Such a person does not know anything about God, hence convincing him of the importance of being saved is very easy.

An ignorant person is constantly getting himself or herself into dangerous and stupid places. In general, these people are always in numerous versions of bad situations and are rescued many times. That basically shows how God is truly good, since he loves every person on earth without measure. He goes to the greatest lengths so as to rescue both ignorant and cleaver people. This article is more likely to benefit the ignorant readers who will be pleased to read it.

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