Benefits of Omo washing powder

Benefits of Omo washing powder

Omo is a popular brand of detergents that is loved by many people in many parts of the world. ‘ Its detergent powders are favorites by many households because of its various benefits including:

1. Effectiveness in cleaning clothes

Omo washing powders and detergents are known to be very effective in removing dirt and stains on clothes. ‘ Whether the detergent is used for hand washing or machine washing, dirt on clothes are easily removed. Omo washing powders are also great for soaking. Tough food stains for example can easily be removed by soaking the fabric first before actual washing.

2. Mild on the skin

Omo washing powders are known to be tough when it comes to removing stubborn dirt and stains on clothes and fabric. ‘ But when it comes to the skin, Omo detergents are formulated to be mild enough for hand-washing. ‘ This simply means that people who have sensitive skin need not worry on hand-washing their delicates for example. ‘ Their skin will not be dried out and there will be no itchy feeling after every hand-washing session. ‘ Omo washing powders like the Sensitive detergent line are specifically targeted for people who may have allergic reactions to some chemicals.

3. Delicate on fabrics

Although Omo washing powder can easily remove dirt and stains on any type of fabric, people need not worry about damaging their favorite sheets or clothes for example. ‘ Delicate fabrics like silk for example can be cleaned thoroughly with Omo washing powders without having to worry on fabric damage. ‘ There are special Omo washing powders that are formulated for use in delicate types of material. ‘ Many of these types of specialized washing powders do not contain bleaching ingredients and other cleaning enzymes that may be harmful to color and some fabric types. ‘ With Omo washing powders, one can easily find a specialized variety for delicate fabrics.

Omo washing powders are also tested as one of the best in terms of their cleaning power. ‘ Another good thing about Omo detergents like the powder-based variety is that they are economical too. ‘ One cup of powder is enough to clean a full load of laundry making Omo washing powders easy on the budget too.

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