Benefits of Gold

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Benefits of Gold

Gold is one of the most precious minerals on earth and it has several practical uses. Most of the benefits of gold are derived from the combination of its unique properties. A good example is its extraordinary flexibility as it is actually the most ductile and malleable of all minerals. Discover the important merits of gold further below.

1. Aids in electronic production

Small quantities of gold are used in roughly all sophisticated electronic devices. This includes calculators, cell phones, PDAs and numerous other electronic appliances. Furthermore, large appliances like televisions are also made using gold-plated components. One reason for using gold in appliances is the fact that it is an exceptionally efficient conductor. It has the capability of carrying small currents and it remains corrosion free. This ensures high reliability and increases the lifespan of the electronic device.

2. Produces jewelry

Gold has been used for making ornamental objects for a very long time. In fact, many experts believe that jewelry production was likely the first benefit derived from gold. Nowadays, a large percentage of the recycled or newly mined gold is used for making gold jewelry. Gold has special properties that make it perfect for jewelry making. These special attributes include its resistance to tarnish, high luster and desirable color.

3. Computer manufacture

Just like other electronic appliances, gold is valuable during production of the standard laptop and desktop computers. Computers usually require an efficient conductor which can accurately and rapidly transmit information throughout the motherboard. Gold is exceedingly reliable and efficient and it therefore meets all these needs far better than other metals. The need to provide reliable performance and high quality justifies its elevated cost.

From its varied and ever increasing applications like space exploration and cancer treatment, gold is beyond doubt a highly beneficial metal.

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