Benefits Of Garlic Powder

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Benefits of Garlic Powder

According to health experts, garlic powder also possesses the benefits associated with whole garlic since it is basically the powdered whole garlic version. Actually, this powdered garlic is simpler to consume like a supplement or cook with. Further below are major benefits linked to consumption of garlic powder.

1. Blood thinning effects
Garlic powder provides a blood thinning advantage that can assist individuals suffering from heart disease and hypertension. Scientists have proven the useful effects of this powdered garlic form on the aggregation of platelets in several clinical studies. Nevertheless, since garlic powder is also linked to certain bleeding cases, using it for the blood thinning advantage should be performed with caution.

2. Additional ingredients
Usually, you will find extra ingredients in garlic powder, particularly in those made by huge spice companies. At times the large manufacturing companies add some preservatives so as to retain the fresh effect of the powder. For those worried about additives, then you could possibly consider using organically manufactured garlic powder. The common additive used in garlic powder production is calcium silicate for ensuring the powder does not clump.

3. Natural sodium
Aside from the garlicky taste of garlic powder, it also offers the benefit of providing trace amounts of sodium. People on low sodium diets can therefore benefit from using this particular seasoning. Because it only contains small amounts of sodium, you add it to your diet with being worried about adding additional salt in your diet.

4. Strengthens immune system
Garlic powder helps fight cancer and strengthen a person’s immune system in general. Although more research is required, certain studies show that individuals with increased amounts of garlic powder in their daily nutrition have low chances of developing some forms of cancers, especially stomach and colon cancers.
Garlic powder does have some mild side effects like infrequent allergic reactions, diarrhea and stomach disorders.

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