Benefits of experience

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Benefits of experience

Experience refers to an accumulation of skills and/or knowledge over a period of time through actual involvement or participation in a particular activity. ‘ When a person is said to have experienced something, it literally means that this person had a direct encounter or participation in a particular activity or situation. ‘ Experience in various things provides the following benefits:

1. ‘ Increased efficiency

Experience in school or for a specific job function brings out more efficiency from every person. ‘ Just for the fact that one already gained basic skills and knowledge about a particular subject or area of work, a person is more likely to make the right decisions and do the right things making everything more efficient. ‘ Having been able to become part of situation makes it easier for a person to handle concerns when confronted with the same situation again.

2. Improved skills and knowledge

Having encountered a task or problem in the past makes it a lot easier for a person to do the right or better thing when faced with a similar problem again later in life. ‘ A person may have stumbled and made a mistake in the past when performing a certain task, but this experience may also have resulted to new learnings in how to handle things in the future.

3. Boost in confidence

Experience also boosts one’s confidence as the element of surprise and of the unknown no longer comes into play. ‘ Whether one is involved in a concern at home, at school, or in the office, he/she will feel better about a particular situation just because of a similar experience in the past. ‘ With more confidence facing concerns, people will also be more likely to do better in every situation.

Experience is considered very valuable to most people. ‘ Almost every person, if not all, would want to gain sharper skills and more knowledge through actual involvement in an activity. ‘ With hands-on experience, one will have a better insight on the many concerns of life.

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